I ordered this for my husband for Christmas after a friend jumped off our motorcycle with his. It started instantly! Since then, a friend's car battery was dead and he laughed when we got it out to jump it off! It started instantly! It's amazing! Debalena
January 30, 2017
With less than full charge on the Lil Lightning, this conveniently portable Pak jumped my dead battery subaru crosstrek with no issue. Actually very surprised at how powerful it was. No need to head up another car to help jump the battery. It already paid for itself. Great technology. M. Smith
November 10, 2016
Awesome , first use helped a guy parked next to with a dead battery told him it would give us a chance to see how well to worked....STARTED on first try we all were impressed needless to say the guy wanted to know what that little thing was called and where he could get one. So you made another sale. Renae D.
September 30, 2016
My dumb butt frequently leaves a light on in my car, or leaves a door open .. this is an INSTANT save!! I've had AAA come save me way too many times, this item has jumped my car several times, and helped with 2 others in Mall parking lots as well. Has already paid for itself 2x over, and have only charged it 1 time ... So glad to be able to save my limited AAA visits for REAL troubles! Capage
April 12, 2016
Super cool. Keep it in your car plugged in to your cigarette lighter. When that cute girl or handsome guy needs a jump start, you will be the stylish hero. No need to pull the car around. And of course, you can charge your own battery or gadgets too. Michael B.
November 5, 2015