We offer several different models for whatever your lifestyle and needs are. Surprisingly, considering how small our battery packs actually are, they contain the most power of any available on the market. After receiving a full charge from either the included home or car charger our units can hold charge up to 6 months. Our units are good for day to day charging, but they are also incredible for those “just in case” moments. With Lightning Pak there is no need to flag anyone down to try and locate jumper cables. Simply, hook up your Lightning Pak and you will be on the road in no time.

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  • Jump Start For 12V vehicles
  • Two USB port for charging multiple devices
  • LED torch light, strobe, and Strobe
  • Life Cycles: Up to 1000 (0%-100% battery)
  • 4/5 hours to charge in wall/car charging
  • Smart jumper cables (built in safety features)


  • 15000 MAH
  • Starting current 300AMP, peak current 600AMP
  • Output 5V(1A), 5V(2A) for digital devices, 12V (for jump start)
  • Durable temperatures -4 degrees F -140 degrees F
  • Grade A lithium cobalt oxide battery
  • New four cell technology

Kit Content

  • Multi-Function Battery PaK
  • Smart Cables
  • USB 3 Prong Phone Cord
  • Wall Charger
  • Car Charger
  • Fire Proof Carrying Case


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