The Ultra Slim did not change much as far as to the functionality! The upgraded cables do make this product much safer and easier to use.

The RP2X and the RP3X have been upgraded as far as safety and power. It starts first with 4 cell technology, as of now, we are the only company to have this on the market. Benefits to this new technology it gives a consistent discharge and holds at the peak amps longer.

The smart cables will not allow you to jump a vehicle unless they are connected properly.


  1. Make sure your Lightning Pak has a charge.
  2. Ensure the area of contact is clean then attach the cables.
  3. Connect the Lightning Pak make sure that the cables are plugged in all the way.
  4. Turn on your Lightning Pak.
  5. Wait 10 seconds then turn the key.
  6. If the vehicle does not start, unplug the Lightning Pak, wait a few minutes and try again.